Build A Lifetime Income


When you protect your first 10 people in a month. You get into the MIT program. Comp goes up. Get a downline on your team. Congrats you're in the MIT program.

*When you teach other agents you become a better agent yourself.

*If requirements are not met you will be moved back to the Sales Agent program. You can't lead until you learn to lead yourself. Work live on zoom 3 days a week with the Coast to Coast team, dialing & protecting. *3 Strikes you are out. Can't build dreams without commitment.

Morning Shift (8am-2pm PT / 11am-5pm ET) Role Call Check at (1PT / 4ET)

Afternoon Shift (12pm-6pm PT / 3pm-9pm ET) Role Call Check at (1PT / 4ET)

Minimum 250 dials per day. (28 leads would be dialed properly 9 times each with this goal)

$500 a week minimum investment ($100 / Presentation - Giving Options)

On Thursday Team Calls. Team huddle(2pm PST / 5pm EST),

SOCIAL EVERY DAY!! 1 hour a day. Message 25 people, add 25 people.

25X25 Challenge = Explosion. (1 hour per day) Search hashtags. #sales #realestate #salesagent

NO POSTS ABOUT $$$. Only protecting families. We want to focus on that because, helping and serving, not the $$$ signs, is what makes us our income. **Plus FTC will fine you since nothing is guaranteed when starting a business. (New US law for any commission-based business.)


Step 1. Add 25 people a day to be your friend on Instagram or social.

Step 2. If they follow you back send a DM (Direct Message) and start a conversation that is genuine. Find something on their profile that you like, just like you would any stranger. Be nice and compliment and comment and like pictures. Don't bring up what they do for work or if they like their job. They will ask naturally. Don't proceed to step 2 unless they complain about their job.

Step 3. "So sorry to hear your job sucks, let me see if there are any openings where I work, and I will get back to you" (Feel this out) If you need to send them the video about the company. Do so, but sometimes you don't if the convo is great.

Step 4. Create a scouting tracker on google sheets to keep track of your data

(Comp, Name, State, Phone, Email, Test Reserve Date, Notes.) Color code your cells.

White - Needs to be Contacted.

Orange - Booking Test.

Green - Booked Test and is Studying. (When is the test date?)

Blue - Passed & Needs Contracting.


Step 5. (Next Day) "Well we don't have any sales agent spots open but we do have room in the MIT (Manager in Training) Program. Have you ever been in management before?" (They will say no) "Ok let me see what I can do, I will get back to you."

Step 6. (Next Day) "I talked to my hiring manager. I put in a good word for you since we have been chatting. I said you would be a good leader, but she wants to make sure you can lead yourself before you lead others. She said she would pay for the online course if she can get her life and health license in 10 days. The course is normally $200 and takes 40 hours of studying. They can't pay for the test reservation or state license which is $45 for a reservation and about $120 for the state license. So you put in $165. She puts in $200. If I send you the link to reserve your test date, can you do it today? Takes about 10 min to reserve online. Remember no more than 10 days out. You ready to rumble?"

Step 7. (Send reserve test link below.) Have them book the same day and send you a screenshot. Add a person to a scouting tracker you created on a google sheet. (Orange now)

Step 8. (Get them studying.) Send the study coupon link below. (Green now)

Step 9. (Follow up with them 2x a week) of support. When they pass the test. (Blue now)

*ALL THIS WITH NO INTERVIEWS!!! (Are you kidding me) Get Excited!


$11 an hour to do admin, post on social, make graphics, call carriers, and text agents. Whatever you do that is not selling. I would not use to dial. This is selling. Dialing & Presentation should be done by you. This is what makes you $$$$$. Rest use VA.

Step 1 Book your Test Date

Step 2 Pre-licensing Course (study for the exam)





ONLINE ADS - First Contact

Call them twice. If they don't answer leave them a simple voicemail. "(Name) this is Ryan Reynolds, a manager at Family First Life. Getting back to you on your interest to start working with us. Call or text me back when you are free" Then send a text.

Example Text 1: (copy and paste)

(Name) this is Ryan Reynolds, a manager at Family First Life. Getting back to you on your interest to start working with us. Have you watched this video yet? Explains a lot about the company. When can you chat?

2021 Company Info Video (17min)

My Interview Video to get to know me. (30min)

Example Text 2: (copy and paste)

Hi (Name), we need your help! We are looking for agents to service the 100,000+ families in the state of (STATE) that requested for help with their life insurance. I’m scheduling interviews for this week to discuss the opportunity part time or full time. Please book a time in my calendar so we can find out if this would be a good fit for you or not. The overview video is in the description of the calendar invite - be sure to watch this prior to our call so I can answer all the questions you have.

My Interview Video to get to know me. (30min)


You need to be licensed in the following states in order to collect commissions from downlines. You only need these states if you hire someone that is writing in one of these states.


AGENCY Building Bootcamp

How to build an agency and become a millionaire. (FREE)

When going though this bootcamp make sure to watch & listen to everything on this page. You can't half ass agency building. Every single thing on this bootcamp is important to help you achieve your goal of generating a lifetime of income.

(Listen to the audio books or buy and read them) SO GOOD!

Online ADS - First Interview

The videos below are live example how how I conduct a first interview, these are off interested people that filled out a online lead. If you have a cold person. You need to find the "why" more. Find the problem and how FFL can be the solution to that problem. Usually it is an income problem or a flexible schedule problem. You need to be curious and find the why.

Chit chat for a bit. What are you doing now? Why are you thinking about making a change?

Five reasons FFL is different that all other IMO's

Highest Comp

Vested Day 1, keep all renewals

No Contracts

Free and best training

Unlimited Leads

3. What to look for if they talk over you or are braggers then they have ego issues. Braggers are not humble enough to be coached and will do it their way and fail and then blame you. How hard are they willing to work. Looking for Humble and Hungry.

Why do you want to work here? (Do they have a strong why)

Do you have money to start your business? You need money to make money and that includes college, crypto, starting a business. Do you have money to start your business? Need money for leads. (Make sure they have 1. $1000 to start. 2. Credit card to Fund. or Friends and Family to sell policies too.) Can't start with $200 they need a job not a business.

Why is life insurance important? Listen, then give some tips.

K sell me on it. (Listen to see if they are coachable or how they sound.)

Additional Questions- Remember, The One That Asks The Questions Controls The Conversation.


• What are you doing now for work?

• What makes you want to get into life insurance sales?

• Have you ever been a business owner?

• Are you aware of the costs associated with running your own business?

• How much do you want to make?

• When are you looking to get started?

--> Non-Licensed Additional Points To Cover:

1. Life Insurance Is A Recession Proof industry

2. Contractual Guarantees For Compensation

3. Renewals

4. Build a Team

5. Overrides for teaching new agents what you have learned

6. This Is Your Own Business


• What do you like about what you are currently doing?

• What do you not like?

• How much did you make last year?

• Are you recruitable?

• What are your goals?

• Have you ever worked with leads before?

• When are you looking to get started?

--> Licensed 7 Additional Points To Cover:

1. The highest compensation in the industry (Starting at 90%-145% first year


2. Bonuses on top of the highest compensation in the industry.

3. Fully Vested Renewals From Day One.

4. Leads (Direct Mail Mortgage, Final Expense, Medicare, Annuity, and IUL leads).

5. No Contracts. You can leave anytime you are not happy. Our goal is to give you no

reason to leave.

6. No Fees. No costs for Training. PLUS Free licensing course for new agents.

7. Training on Annuities, Term/Whole Life, Mortgage, Final Expense, and IULs.


Follow up with your prospects like integrity partner Zac Twardowski, Find out which prospects are worth investing time into with a simple text.



Hi (Prospect Name),

This is (Your Name) with Family First Life. We are in the process of closing files for the quarter.

Typically when someone hasn't written business yet, it means they're either really busy or aren't interested.

If you aren't interested, do I have permission to close your file?

If you're still interested, what can we do to help you with the next steps?

Thanks for your help."


Save time and be more efficient. Hire an admin, save time dialing and manging your business so you can focus on what matters. Protecting families.


Learn from "Million a Month" agency owners on how to replicate their success. You have to hit 20K issued paid in a month to gain access to this bootcamp, and boy is it worth it. Jam packed with info that will launch you to the next level. You can't be a leader until you lead yourself, so get to 20K and enjoy this monster of a pure rocket fuel. You will be emailed a link as soon as you hit 20K issued paid.

There are three ways to access this course:

Issued $20,000 of life premium in a month personally

Issue $150,000 of life premium in a month as a team

Pay $20,000 cash

Debt Control