Licensed Agent Check List

Step 1 Complete Onboarding for HCMS

The manager will register you in our Hierarchy Compensation Management System (HMCS). You will receive 4 emails:

  1. Your HCMS Account setup link:


  1. Your personalized link to SuranceBay - contracting request platform

  1. An invite link to Slack - our team communication tool

  1. A "Welcome To The Team" email to join our New Agent Training email series.

Before you are able to contract with carriers on SureLc, you MUST complete your HCMS profile.

Step 2 Complete Profile on Sure Lc

Sure Lc also known as surancebay is where you input your information and one time and can submit multiple contracts.

Items needed to complete Contracting

  1. Void Check
  2. Error and omission insurance

Void Check and alternatives

Voided Check

Please have a copy of voided check ready. The voided check should have your name on it even if it is a business account. If it only has the business name, it will not work.

Direct Deposit form

Direct Deposit form

If you go to the bank and ask they will print out a direct deposit form.

Bank letter

Bank letter just needs the letterhead of your bank your name routing and account number and needs to state that this account belongs to you and the insurance companies will accept.

Napa E&O

Biberk E&O

We have two recommendations you can pick which one you like.